Invisible illness · M.E. · Sick



The sun is shining this morning, I am tired already as been awake since 6am so I will probably be asleep as some point today.

It appears that my neck and shoulders are the bits most painful today and have taken tablets already.  I will do a post about medication this week when I find all boxes with the details on or I should say have got the energy to get them out the cupboard.


Invisible illness · M.E. · Sick



I am feeling a bit green today as I find that when I am really very tired it always makes me feel sick, do any of you get that?  I tend to feel that I must be the only one getting all these things but I am sure many of you are as well.  Of course there is no reason for me to feel so exhausted as I actually had a good nights sleep last night, a good night is about midnight to six then it’s the toilet, sometimes I can go back to sleep but most of the time I read or go through my phone and look at all the social media sites and for sale sites.  Then I sometimes feel sleepy and will have a nap for an hour but as you know this varies every single day. A lot of the time I am awake when I should be sleeping but never feel great when I wake up.

As well as the M.E. I also have osteoarthritis in just about all my joints, reactive sinus tachycardia, depression and high cholesterol.  My eye-site deteriorates every year so have to wear glasses for everything just about, I have not succumbed to wearing them all the time yet. I get the tingling skin on my face and legs which I hate as cannot stand the covers touching my leg and the first time I got it on my face I was straight up the doctors as thought I was having a stroke!  I cannot seem to keep my body at a set temperature and most of the time I am so hot and I mean sweating hot, its horrible.

How are you feeling today?